Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sitting in the Georgian sun...

Well It's sunset in Georgia. We are waiting at the border crossing to Azerbaijan. We had problems with the ferries in Turkey so we decided to go out via Georgia to Russia. But Georgia wouldn't let us leave that way because of the war in Chechnia so now we are headed to Azerbaijan and then either Russia or hopefully Terkministan.

Keeping clear of Dagestan, Chechyna, and North Ossetia-Alania would be a good idea.

Once you get to Azerbaijan, will you take a ferry across the Caspian, or try to drive through Iran?
BTW, Rolf, this officially means we have left Turkey without a single visit to a Turkish prison (since I'm actually typing this in Baku, Azerbaijan, I can say the same thing about Georgia) - I'm sorry, I know how dissappointed you are to hear this!
Thanks for answering my 3 AM phone call. I slept so much better after. Keep Theo away from the drivers seat while in Chechnya...
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