Thursday, August 17, 2006

Quick update from Uzbekistan.

Well we made it out of Kazakhstan into Uzbekistan and then the real problems started.
A note to any future ralliers reading this site:

Uzbekistan has been the weirdest climate so far. It started off as nothing but desolate desert but has slowly gotten prettier as we went through the country. Samarqand is beautiful and there's quite a bit to see. Temp is perfect here as opposed to when we entered Kazak/Uzbek desert where it was so hot that opening a window felt like getting hit with a blow torch.

The Problem:
We had to pay 120 Euro's at the border because of our Transit plates and we were assigned an escort who takes us slowly from city to city which has caused us to slip from the Camp Beku caravan. However we keep passing eachother.

Gotta go. Out "Customs Officer" is pissed I'm taking so long. Can't wait to be back in Kazakhstan where we will have our independance back.

thats the first time ive ever heard anyone say they want to be "back" in kazakhstan. but hey glad you guys survived the first length of your journey in kaz!
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Sounds like you're getting the full effect of the Mongol Ralley. From what I've read about Samarqand it's a pretty fascinating place and sounds much more interesting than cruising through Siberia. I think that customs guy is just taking you guys for a ride. Glad you're ok. Enjoy the truly amazing stuff you're seeing and I'm sure doing.
Just ditch the babysitter and run for the border.
It was actually a real law we looked into it and we couldn't just ditch him because he held on to our paperwork. That said the car is now in Kazakhstan again. Should be in Almaty by now.
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