Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mongolia or Bust!

- August 18: Cyrus went bust when Kazakhstan wouldn't give him a second visa at the border, and then there were two.

- August 22: Alex went bust when I had to fly back to work from Novosibirsk (but I have now taken a hot shower in my very own bathroom, and that almost made the 17 hour flight on three separate airplanes worth it) and then there was one.

- Theo and the LADA are still going strong. I am now convinced that the Lada is capable of just going forever, deliver her to the poor Mongolians, Theo - they certainly aren't getting a better car our of this rally!

Made it to Barnaul, Russia and caught up with a couple of other teams to keep Theo company on the way to Mongolia (including Dan and Simon, who had managed to escape Camp Baku to Turkmenistan a few days before the rest of us left for Kazakhstan)

This is truly an epic, epic tale. Theo -- keep driving, and let Alex do the posting. Hopefully Cy will show up somewhere/sometime. Good thing he wasn't flying to Leningrad ...
Cy is back in Beijing back at work. He hopped a flight to Bankok on Monday and then on to Beijing. Before he left he searched several flights to try to join up with Theo in Russia but they were all full. The Russian airlines are just horrible... Checking the record of Russian airlines made me very upset. He called me yesterday and told me about the flight that crashed.
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