Friday, August 11, 2006

Leaving Baku?

A couple of news and notes, while using the slowest internet connection I've seen in years at a Baku Internet Klub.

- we are not actually as depressed as Cyrus' post makes it sounds like. Baku has actually been plenty of fun, in large part bacause there's 15 of us stuck here together. We just want to keep going. And, as somebody has commented, no we have not so far regretted our decision to come out here! I've regretted some (most?) of the major choices we've made along the way, but the overall idea has been sound.

- we're closer to leaving Baku than we've been so far. The ferry port is saying there's a 99% chance that the ferry atrriving at 7 tonight will go to Kazakhstan. Heading over there to find out more now. If we leave today, I think we still have a shot at actually making Ulan Bator!

- As we're likely to have extrmely limited internet access frome here on out, we finally seem to have the text messaging system working on the rally site, so you can keep up with us here: We'll try to get the progress map correctly updated too eventually, but that might take a little bit of time.

Hurray! Good luck!
alex, i hope you, ludovicus, and herschel make like the wind... ulan bator or bust!
Great News!!! You're off again... Thanks for the update... We'll be waiting to hear more.
Hey, been following you guys from the netherlands, sounds like you all are having a ball! Friends of mine (team Hi Jet Set) have taken the northern route but are all alone in Siberia......they're driving....I believe your route's more exciting! Planning on participating in next year's edition!
Keep on going & good luck!!!
Should we worry about a convoy being broken up by customs and assigned an in car escort?
Read your blog - Team Ramrod (Justin and Patrick)are also from Seattle. They are in Siberia as of 8/16. Glad you finally got the ferry, we were beginning to think you might be stuck in Baku forever!
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