Friday, July 28, 2006

Spending the night London

I've spent more time at three different London airports the last two weeks than is really normal. Today's itineary: get into Heathrow around 11PM, hang out there for a couple of hours, take a bus to Gatwick, in another two hours fly to Athens. At least they have internet at all of their airports.

London is surprisingly dead at night, or at least the airport is - there was nobody there, and the highways were deserted. Gatwick is bustling at 4AM though - apparently the Brits like to go to bed early at night and get on airplanes early in the morning.

Amusing observation while hanging out here: there's a place in the airport lounge that doubles as a coffee shop and a bar. At 4AM, the coffee shop is closed, but there's a line of people getting drinks at the bar! I guess we all have different priorities for preferred early morning drinks...

By my count it has now been 36.5 hours since I have slept in an actual bed - still going strong...

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