Sunday, July 16, 2006

Day 1: Moscow gathering

NOTE: Sorry for the long delay between posts it turned out to be rather hard to find internet connections in Russia so we are catching up on the blog from Finland.

Well we all met up in Moscow KYTY3OBCKAđ» (Kutuzovskaya) station just outside of downtown since it was near Grigoriy's work. Grigoriy is Alex's cousin and helped us tremendously with the procurement of our car and all of the registration requirements around it. So after we met up we went over to Grigoriy work and had lunch in the caf.

Then we checked out the new ride!
Man she's fast. We've gotten her up to 120 Km already! Note the (s) it's a LADA 1200s!! Which is kinda funny considering it's a communist era car made in Russia for Russia and the letter (s) doesn't exist in Cyrillic.

We then met up with Zhanna's (Family friend of Alex's) husband Grigoriy (Different from Alex's cousin) who lent us up in their apartment in the city for the night. They made us a "Light snack" before dinner which consisted of some excellent bread and cheese with tea. By the time we made it to dinner with Alex's cousin we were pretty much all full.

Dinner was good, we ate Quesadillas at an American restaurant named Uncle Sam's. Dinner was with Grigoriy (Cousin), his wife Olga and their daughter Yana who had just spent six months as a foreign exchange student in St. Cloud Florida. She's planning on attending college in the US and we all recommended California over St. Cloud. Theo crashed hard by this point so we dropped him at the house and then went somewhere that overlooked Moscow and had a bunch of crazy people showing off in thier cars and motorcycles. I tried to get pictures but they didn't take. I'll post a video once I figure out how.

Moscow is an AMAZING city and I highly recommend anyone go. Attached are some random photo's.

These were taken from Red Square.

These photo's are of GUM department store in Red Square.

Hey Cy,
Just keeping up with the news and had to check on you guys... The adventures have begun. Last night the Benefit for Juan Perez happened and they raised a ton of money somewhere greater than anyone had expected. Hope you are all having a great time and take care... watching CNN makes me hyperfocused on your route.. Rick says Hi.. love you, Your Mom
I am disappointed. So far I have read about zero attempts to abuse the allure of the Westerner to entice attractive women to join you on your journey.
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