Thursday, August 03, 2006

Walking While Theo

After we found a hotel in Istanbul, the first order of business was eating. Since our hotel was conveniently located on Taksim Square (a cool pedestrian shop/restaurant area) we walked around to find food. Winding our way through the friendly touts offering strip clubs, we found a nice litle Kebab place nestled in a basement storefront, with outdoor seating. We ordered 3 lamb shish's, got a table outside in the fresh evening air, and I went inside to wash my hands. When I was done washing my hands, I came bounding up the stairs of the (belowground) restaurant, ready for some food. But instead I got a rude awakening when my head met up with the low doorway leading back to the sidewalk.

It bled a bit, but Cyrus examined it and we determined that it wasn't immediately life threatening. The blood made quite an impression on the shop owners though. We ate quickly, and then headed back to the hotel. Cyrus called his mom (a nurse) for advice, and we were instructed to clean, disinfect, and ice it. And (worst of all) Cyrus was instructed to wake me up in the middle of the night to make sure I wasn't dead and could still do math. He did, and I did. The swelling is now mostly down. :)

Coming soon... HEAD INJURY PICTURES! 073075

Our second day in Istanbul was another ferry SNAFU. Apparently the Istanbul -> Odessa ferry which we were planning on taking was filled up by a surplus of Ukranian hookers returning home. Long story short, we decided to drive to eastern Turkey and try our luck with another ferry. Stupid? Maybe. But we do have a backup plan of driving through Georgia. Stay tuned...

zomg! a math test? You couldn't just check his pulse or reflexes or something?

I hope it's not too bad, feel better Theo!
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