Saturday, August 19, 2006

Playing the stupid American card

Up to the this point on the rally, Alex has generally been front-and-center at each border crossing, speaking to the guards in perfect Russian to try to smooth things along. But for the Uzbek/Kazak border, we tried something a little different. Cyrus and I went first, and Alex pretended to speak just a wee bit of Russian when prompted.

We first tried this tactic during the effort to get Cyrus into Kazakstan and it failed, but other than that, it was amazingly successful and very amusing. Alex forced himself to mix random english words into his Russian sentences, and look as confused as possible when asked questions. The end result was the quickest border crossing we've had yet, with the customs guy actually filling out my customs form for me, in duplicate. Stupid American.

We'll see how it works at the next border crossing... back into Russia.

Nice work guys, especially with your ambulance rescue. You're helping change the face of Americans and we need a little of that... I hope you guys can all get back together before you finish. Where are you going to try to hook up?
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