Wednesday, August 30, 2006

More pics are up

Alex is on top of things as always, and has uploaded the latest pictures, including the Novosibirsk to Ulaan Baatar leg. Here are some choice morsels from that group:

1758km to Irkutsk... this was a sobering sign. Of course, the fact that there was a sign held the promise of reasonable roads...

Sadly, those reasonable roads soon disappeared and turned into multiple 70km stretches of this crud:

Anyway, after two days of driving we finally arrived in Irkutsk. A nice enough city, but they seem to have a problem with people in wheelchairs...

After Irkutsk, we hit lake Baikal, which apparently was a triumphant moment for me...

Fast forward to Ulan Bataar, where the Brits and I carried on the tradition of stupidity by climbing the welcome sign. Climbing While Theo? Nope, no injuries. I'm the dot on the left.

And finally, the Lada is delivered to the orphanage outside of UB. The old man waits anxiously for me to leave so he can take her for a spin.

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