Saturday, August 26, 2006

Location confirmed...

The Lada and I have actually reached UB! Got in at 1pm, after spending the night with the new brits in a field about 50km from UB. Staying in an amazingly nice hostel at $3 a night, and managed to book tickets to Seattle via Beijing and San Francisco for Monday morning. (7:25am, yikes) Turns out all the flights are booked up, partly because the Dalai Lama is in town. Might get to see him speak tomorrow!

All in all, UB is a great city so far... it's cheap, and everything we need is readily accessible. Except a SIM... working on that.

Lots of new pics of Novosibirsk -> UB to come once I get home.

Hi Theo,

Congratulations from both your admirors in Panama and many people and friends in the VI who thought it was totally nuts to do this.
Wish we had made the trip with you. Next time?
Congratulations Theo,

You Made It... I know Cy and Alex are cheering along with you... I would love to see the Dali Lama in UB. What would that be like? Hope your stay there is great and your trip home is swift. This has been terrific to follow. Thanks for posting all the excellent photos...
Your bros and I have been revelling in your travels and travails and proud that you MADE IT (not that there was every any doubt). Can't wait to hear and see more!
S and manic
Congratulations from Amsterdam, Netherlands! I've been following you here from beginning on and I must say that I was highly enjoyable to read your excellent posts and seeing the awesome pictures! Thanks!
I'm planning to do this trip in the coming year, learned a lot......probably not to go to Baku!!
Way to be! Congrats and I'm glad at least one of us has made it all the way to Mongolia!
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