Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Lada has a new home

Just got finished dropping the Lada off at the orphanage in the hills near UB. One of my new British friends (Lloyd) was nice enough to give me a lift the 30km back which made it much easier.

The orphanage was surprisingly nice looking -- nestled in a green valley, with lots of space around it. We pulled up to the administrative office, and immediately a cluster of old men were very interested in the Lada. One wanted the stereo, and another to take the car for a spin. Turns out that Ladas are very rare in Mongolia... I haven't seen one since we arrived.

After getting past the gauntlet and taking some farewell pictures of the Lada, I handed over the paperwork and keys and got the official "you've delivered the car" stamp... so now we're Lada-less. I'm actually a bit sad to see her go... we've been through so much together, and the car has been nearly flawless.


Goodbye dear Lada. Any clue on where it's going? When is the auction?
You think you can buy it at the auction and get is shipped to Hong Kong?

I can't believe you made it to the end. I'm in awe. Throughout the last 6 weeks you've seen fascinating places and people. Along the way you've bribed cops, eaten scary food, lived in a Baku parking lot, and survived to tell the tale.

You've navigated your way through cities and roads I know I'll never get a chance to experience in my life... You've helped those in need and made new friendships.

You've had the adventure of a lifetime. And you have my utmost respect for a job well done.

Nice work. =)
May be it is a good idea to establish agreement with Lada plant
or another people describe your trip and Lada role in this trip.
It is a best advertising for them
and...good money for all of you.
It’s been an absolutely amazing journey, guys. Even we, Russian born and bred, couldn’t have done it better. We are very proud of you! We’ll be missing reading your blog every morning.

Mikhail & Marina Slepak
You're alive Theo! But did you manage to get back to work on time? 'Tis a pity the rustbox is in Mongolia, but oh well. Be sure to regail me with stories at Christmas
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