Sunday, August 27, 2006

Irkutsk to Ulaan Baatar or Ulan Bator or Ulan Batar or something

Passed by Lake Baikal and stopped for some pics... very beautiful. Unfortunately weren't able to camp on the shores. Camped overnight a couple hundred km from the Mongolian border, in another random field... somehow all our randomly chosen campsites have been quite nice, and this was no exception.

The Russia -> Mongolia crossing was reasonably easy... got to the boarder around 2pm, and out around 7. The line to get into the line to get out of Russia (yes, a line for a line) was very disorganized, but after chatting up one of the border guards (Andrew, who spoke english!) we managed to sort things out and get into the next line.

Once in the actual line we got a new set of border guards, who were very very puzzled by the transit tags on the Lada. But after 45 minutes and a bunch of calling around to see what they should do with/to me, they decided to let me through with a stern warning never to bring this car into russia again. Ok. :)

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