Tuesday, July 25, 2006

(catchup) Day 3: Moscow to St.Petersburg... worms dueling on my dill

We're clearly way behind on blogging, and I am most of all... so we'll try to do some catchup posts to cover interesting stuff that we're missed. First, let's turn back the clock to a cloudy morning in Moscow, after the night of our first bribe...

We left Moscow heading east, with hope in our hearts and very little in our stomachs. After a few failed attempts to find food, we came across an odd little place on the side of the road next to a gas station. It was a restaurant, but consisted of a bunch of small (8x8 foot) log cabins arranged in a U shape, with one larger building at the top of the U. It turned out to be a shishkebab barbeque type of place. Our resident Russian speaker did some chatting with the giant truck-driver-looking proprietor, and determined that the only meat they had to offer us was pork neck. Since the neck is our favorite part of the pig, we ordered up some of that and went to our own private 8x8 log cabin to wait for our meal. The first course, (leading up to the kebabs) was a soup. I had some kind of pig soup, probably involving parts less reputable than the neck. But on top of the soup was a little cluster of fresh, uncooked dill...

I knew the dill was fresh, because there were two tiny green worms writhing together at the highest point of the dill cluster, fighting to get away from the porky depths of the soup. Needless to say, the dill was quickly removed from the soup. The rest of my soup was pretty good... pork fat FTW.

However, Alex had a little less luck. After eating about half the bowl, he came across a fly in his soup. The fly was a bit overcooked, so he decided not to eat it. Here's a pic though, showing what he missed out on. It's at the top right of the spoon... Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of the dueling worms.

That's it for now... more to come later.

New sponsorship opportunity: I will give $10 for every movie clip of Alex eating something terribly disgusting and subsequently:

a) Regurgitating
b) Crying
c) Dying
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